Howay Woman, Man... Howay

Life in the 60s for the working man. Simple life – work, family, community, factory fortnight and a pint (or six) at the local club on a Saturday night.

They called it the Village

Slum clearance in the 60’s and the rise of housing estates and the optimism of post-war Britain. Memories of all that had gone before were not to be cast aside lightly. They shaped us and helped prepare us for a brave new world.

Great Geordie Songsmiths

Celebration of Geordie music past and present from Anglo Saxon origins to the colourful Victorian music hall stars, poets and  songsmiths;

Random Rhymer, Ned Corvan – Gateshead Minstrel, Geordie Ridley and Bard of Tyneside Joe Wilson – Benwell Songsmith, Alan Hull and onto the dog stars of the modern era – Eric Burden, Sting, Mark Knopfler, Brians Ferry & Johnstone, et al.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Arthur

Remembrance: Three brave young men lost from ONE North East home, in WW1. The juxtaposition with the Book of Daniel, as both sets of heroes walked into the fiery flames of hell.

Sally Wheatley

Unrequited love – “There’s great danger in delay” – “ I’d not be sad today” – “ if I’d had me heart to break for Sally Wheatley” … as painful in 1860 as it is today.